human density

1000 year snapshots of the simulated evolution of human density (individuals per 100 km^2) over the past 125 thousand years using the parameters of scenario A (early exit) experiment

Longitude: -19.500°E to 339.500°E
Latitude: -89.500°N to 89.500°N
Volume: 0.1GB
Contact: Elke Zeller
Last updated: 2018-06-18 14:43
Related publications: Late Pleistocene climate drivers of early human migration, A Timmermann, T Friedrich, Nature, doi: 10.1038/nature19365 (2016)

Data access via GrADS OPeNDAP


Name Long name Units
lon longitude degrees_east
lat latitude degrees_north
mtime model time kyr B.P.
human_density_b dhuman density individuals per 100 km2
human_density_a human density individuals per 100 km2