antarctic ice sheet forcepleist 408k 40km

For this 408k simulation, the climate forcing from LOVECLIM (atmospheric temperature, precipitation, ocean temperature) was replaced with the parameterized climate forcing originally used in Pollard & DeConto (2009), and later updated in Pollard & DeConto (2012).

Dataset doi: 10.22741/iccp.20180006 Longitude: 0.000°E to 359.600°E
Latitude: -90.000°N to -60.400°N
Volume: 3.6GB
Contact: Elke Zeller
Last updated: 2018-06-28 15:13
Related publications: Local insolation changes enhance Antarctic interglacials: Insights from an 800,000-year ice sheet simulation with transient climate forcing, M Tigchelaar, A Timmermann, D Pollard, T Friedrich, M Heinemann, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 495, 69-78, doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2018.05.004 (2018)
Modelling West Antarctic ice sheet growth and collapse through the past five million years, Pollard, D., & DeConto, R. M. Nature, 458(7236), 329, doi:10.1038/nature07809 (2009)
Description of a hybrid ice sheet-shelf model, and application to Antarctica, Pollard, D., & DeConto, R. M., Geoscientific Model Development, 5(5), 1273. doi: 10.5194/gmd-5-1273-2012 (2012)
Note: This model used a polar stereographic grid. To fascillitate analysis using we regridded the data. Regridding was done using CDO Bilinear Grid Interpolation.

Data access via GrADS OPeNDAP


Name Long name Units
mtime model time kyr B.P.
lon longitude degrees_east
lat latitude degrees_north
basefrml basal freezing rate m/y
baseperc percolation to base m/y
budgall net budget m/y
budgmelt surface melt m/y
budgrain rainfall m/y
budgsnow snowfall m/y
calvice calvice rate m/y
calviceav average calvice rate m/y
cliffmelt cliffmelt rate m/y
clifmeltav average cliffmelt rate m/y
darea cell area, h-grid m^2
deflect lithospheric deflection m
elevmelt elevation of internal melt pt. m
facemelt facemelt rate m/y
facemeltav average facemelt rate m/y
fluxsch grounding-line flux m2/y
fract basal non-frozen fraction 0-1
geoflux geothermal heat flux J/m2/a
h ice thickness m
hb bed elevation m
hbsd standard deviation bed elevation m
hs surface elevation m
logcrhmel basal sliding coefficient, intrinsic m/y/Pa^2
maskwater, 0/1
oceanmelt sub-ice oceanic melt m/y
oceanmeltav average sub-ice ocean melt m/y
pdds Positive Degree Days days
tb basal temperature C
tbhomol basal homologous temperature C
tempocn ocean temperature C
topbedeq equilibrium bedrock elevation m
tota ice area m2
totaf floating ice area m2
totag grounded ice area m2
toti ice volume m3
totif floating ice volume m3
totig grounded ice volume m3
ts surface temperature C
vershis history file version number none
wab basal ice z-velocity m/y
was surface ice z-velocity m/y