Kwon et al. 2024, Science Advances

Kwon, E. Y., Dunne, J. P. & Lee, K. Biological export production controls upper ocean calcium carbonate dissolution and CO2 buffer capacity. Science Advances 10, eadl0779, doi:10.1126/sciadv.adl0779 (2024).

The model data include:

  1. Optimal solutions for POC and CaCO3 export and remineralization/dissolution in the global ocean.
  2. Diagnostics of regenerated alkalinity, CO2 buffer factor, and air-sea CO2 exchange, attributed to the CaCO3 dissolution in distinct saturation zones.
Datasets Checksum (md5) Size d7fd030f61b01c07a624ec06e2ff7352 31 MB Download f7e64a7c8d4376e8f5ff2e90f855fef3 22 MB Download
  1. Matlab codes for the ocean biogeochemistry model.
Datasets Checksum (md5) Size 8072f3e8e9852b63b5447f5abb045201 1.7 MB Download