Kwon et al. 2022, COMMSENV

Model data for the paper: Unprecedented Reversal of Oceanic Stable Carbon Isotope Ratio Depth Gradient with Continued Human Carbon Emissions, Eun Young Kwon

The model data include:

  1. Monte Carlo simulation-based estimates for the historical 13C Suess effect and the preindustrial estimates of oceanic d13C in DIC.
  2. The 21st century simulations of oceanic d13C in DIC under RCP scenarios.
  3. The extended simulations up to a year 5000 CE for RCP2.6, RCP4.5, RCP6.0, and up to a year 8000 CE for RCP8.5. Model fields in every 10 years are saved.

You can cite the data as …

Datasets Checksum (md5) Size 07e4d3a6f8027761219971bf4eefd2d1 28 MB Download 6d765c92d999f6035ed6de70292e31b3 3.2 GB Download eb68b951a5d2322b3b33126abf8b3e11 1.9 GB Download 003c4fbc96f8d22a6182593177440dda 3.2 GB Download dbd037b38767a1f9aef2c19c0d960191 1.9 GB Download d0342f6f86da75846c97cb8bf5ebb569 3.2 GB Download f25e68cffca717f44e6ba34507241515 1.9 GB Download 9e7549e3953c34ef60636ae82f245cf7 3.2 GB Download 57421f9c2aa3d719a4c84c918a8c27da 3.7 GB Download