loveclim 784k atm

Paleoclimate 784k Simulation - 100 year average - atmosphere variables

Longitude: 0.000°E to 354.375°E
Latitude: -85.761°N to 85.761°N
Volume: 4.2GB
Contact: Elke Zeller
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Data access via GrADS OPeNDAP


Name Long name Units
P_T2 Pressure mbar
P_T3 Pressure mbar
P_T4 Pressure mbar
P_U3 Pressure mbar
ageu Ageostrophic Wind in X Direction m/s
agev Ageostrophic Wind in Y Direction m/s
alb Surface Albedo %
bm Bottom Moisture m
cdragv Drag Coefficient V
cdragw Drag Coefficient W
chi Velocity Potential m^2/s
cp Convective Precipitation cm/yr
eminp Evaporation Minus Precipitation cm/yr
evap Surface Evaporation cm/yr
geopg Geopotential Height m^2/s^2
hforc Heating Force K/s
hic Sea Ice Thickness m
lat Latitude degrees_north
lhf Surface Latent Heat Flux W/m^2
lon Longitude degrees_east
lsp Large Scale Precipitation cm/yr
omega Vertical Wind Pressure Pa/s
palb Planetary Albedo %
pp Total Precipitation cm/yr
psi Stream Function m^2/s
q Specific Humidity kg/kg
qgpv Quasi-Geostrophic Potential Vorticity 1/s
r Relative Humidity
runoffl Surface Runoff over Land cm/yr
runoffo Surface Runoff over Ocean cm/yr
sdl Snow Depth over Land m
shf Surface Sensible Heat Flux W/m^2
snow Total Snow Fall cm/yr
sp Surface Pressure Pa
ssr Surface Solar Radiation W/m^2
str Surface Thermal Radiation W/m^2
t2m Temperature at 2 Meter Celsius
tair Air Temperature Celsius
tcc Total Cloud Cover
mtime model time kyr B.P.
ts Surface Temperature Celsius
tsr Top Solar Radiation W/m^2
ttr Top Thermal Radiation W/m^2
u Wind in X Direction m/s
ustress U-stress Pa
uv10 10 Meter Height Wind Magnitude m/s
v Wind in Y Direction m/s
vforc Potential Vorticity Forcing 1/s^2
vstress V-stress Pa