The CESM2 Large Ensemble Community Project

The ICCP is pleased to announce the launch of the CESM2 Large Ensemble in partnership with the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, USA. The CESM2 Large Ensemble consists of 100 members at 1-degree spatial resolution covering the period 1850-2100 under CMIP6 historical and SSP3-7.0 future radiative forcing scenarios. Calculations were completed in May 2021, and are available on and on the ICCP Live Access server (LAS). which provides a user-friendly web interface for plotting and analysis of ensemble mean and standard deviations.

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Dataset doi:

The following data is avalible through our OPeNDAP server: (More data is in preperation and will be avalible soon)

Atmospheric data

variable Monthly data
FSNS net solar flux at surface [w/m2] Data Access
LHFLX surface latent heat flux [w/m2] Data Access
OMEGA Vertical velocity (pressure) [Pa/s] Data Access
PRECC convective precipitation rate (liq + ice) [m/s] Data Access
PRECL large-scale (stable) precipitation rate (liq + ice) [m/s] Data Access
PRECT Total (convective and large-scale) precipitation rate (liq + ice) [m/s] Data Access
PS surface pressure [pa] Data Access
PSL sea level pressure [pa] Data Access
Q Specific humidity [kg/kg] Data Access
RELHUM Relative humidity [%] Data Access
SHFLX surface sensible heat flux [w/m2] Data Access
SST sea surface temperature [K] Data Access
T temperature [k] Data Access
TREFHT reference height temperature [k] Data Access
TS surface temperature (radiative) [k] Data Access
U zonal wind [m/s] Data Access
V meridional wind [m/s] Data Access
Z3 geopotential height (above sea level) [m] Data Access

Ocean data

variable Monthly data
FG_CO2 DIC Surface Gas Flux [mmol/m^3 cm/s] Data Access
HMXL mixed-layer depth [cm] Data Access
PH Surface pH [ 1 ] Data Access
SALT salinity [g/kg] Data Access
TAUX Windstress in grid-x direction [dyne/centimeter^2] Data Access
TAUY Windstress in grid-y direction [dyne/centimeter^2] Data Access
TEMP potential temperature [degc] Data Access

Sea Ice data

variable Monthly data
aice ice area [aggregate] Data Access
hi grid cell mean ice thickness [m] Data Access

Land data

variable Monthly data
ER total ecosystem respiration, autotrophic + heterotrophic [gC/m^2/s] Data Access
GPP gross primary production [gC/m^2/s] Data Access
NBP net biome production [gC/m^2/s] Data Access
NPP net primary production [gC/m^2/s] Data Access
TLAI total projected leaf area index [m^2/m^2] Data Access
TSOI soil temperature (vegetated landunits only) [K] Data Access